Top Ethical Hacking Institutes in Kerala

Is an Ethical Hacking Training institute Available in Kerala? 

Yes, there are many institutions available in Kerala. Ethical hacking is a job-oriented course. The demand for ethical hackers is increasing day by day. But the Quality of institutions are low.

The top 5 ethical hacking institutes in Kerala are mentioned below.

Top Ethical Hacking Institutes in Kerala

  1. Offenso Hackers Accademy 
  2. Ehackify Cybersecurity Research & Training
  3. Blue Shell Security
  5. ICTAK

1 Offenso Hackers Academy


Offenso hackers Academy is the leading institute that provides cyber security training courses from highly experienced professional experts. Offenso delivers three-course programs that are 

  • The certified junior ethical hacker
  • Offenso Certified Security Analyst 
  • Offenso Certified Security Professional

Job opportunities for these courses are high in demand and Offenso provides all of these above-mentioned courses in good quality and content along with the latest updates.

Offenso provides placement assistance and live projects with international certification, which makes it beneficial for students and professionals to become the best ethical hacker in India. The academy is on par with any other top institutes in India with International Certification. Hence making it the No.1 Ethical Hacking Institute in Kerala.

The Offenso Hackers Academy deals with international projects. It is one of the specialties of offenso.   so it is always beneficial to students because if the aspirant completed the course and gets a job from an MNC then he/she wants to work on international-level projects.

There are high chances to get stuck there and they feel a heaviness in the case of offenso students that deals in the beginning so they have to manage it easily so which is very much helpful for them and offenso is moving forward on the basics of students’ feedback.

So that is good for both students and institutes. Because both the students and institutes can easily find mistakes and correct them together. And the offenso provides online and offline classes.

If you are a professional or engaged in class time then you can choose online mode. The offline class are taken in institutes through ethical hackers and experienced professional skilled Experts.

The institute is located in Ernakulam at the Bethesda building, saint martin junction Palarivattom Contact no:7034900126  pillar no 535 Kerala.  

2 Ehackify Cybersecurity Research & Training


 Ehackify cybersecurity research & training provides various training courses such as 

  • eAPT certification
  • eCPT certification
  • eWAPT certification
  • eCSA certification

These course’s are very relevant and the institute provides placement and classes taken by experienced trainers. And the institution provides courses for beginners and professionals looking to up their carrier.

So they provide these facilities, which is why they are in the position of Top ethical hackers academy in Kerala.

3 Blue Shell Security


Blue shell security is the institute that provides cyber security courses that are

  • Comptia CyberSecurity Analyst 
  • Security +

These are the two courses provided by blue shell security and the courses cover a wide range of topics. It is very much helpful to aspirants. The Blue Shell Security class is taken by experts and provides various categories of courses. So they stay in the position of top ethical hacking course in Kerala.



 TECHBYHEART Kochi is a service-based institute. The institute provides some services such as 

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Assessment
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Incident Response
  • Security Training
  • Cloud Security

These are some services provided by TECHBYHEAET Kochi and the institution that is dedicated to providing the finest service Because. They maintain Quality that’s why they reach the top ethical hacker institutes in Kerala.


 The academy provides cybersecurity courses that are 

  • Certified Cyber Security Analyst

This is the course delivered by ICTAK and the institutes provide placement and internship assistance with professional faculty experts These are the factors that are in the top ethical hacker institutes in Kerala.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking involves allowing an attempt to obtain unauthorized access to a system and data network is called Ethical hacking. It is a practice to defend themselves from attacks. And protect the device from unethical hackers or malicious attackers. Professional ethical hacking is a Top leading career, so ethical hacking institutes are available in Kerala.

The Hacking is under two divisions: one is ethical and the other is non-ethical. Non-ethical hackers always try to harm the device, Hack the network, and steal the data. They behave as malevolent attackers. They have no rules and regulations. So they are always prepared to attack the system with tools

 In the case of ethical hackers, they are doing activities under the rules and regulations. And they are always prepared to defend the malicious attack from different sides. Then also their duty to protect the computer system and network data. Both groups of hackers are hacking with the same tool one is legal and the other is an illegal way that’s the difference.

What is the difference between a Black hat and a White hat hacker?

White hat hackers are known as ethical hackers they do only ethical processes and they have the responsibility to protect the company’s network and data. They do legal hacking only and they have the right to do it 

 In this case, black hat hackers, are called malicious hackers. They are illegal hackers, who try to hack other companies’ network access, steal important data and destroy information, etc…

 People concentrated only on ethical hackers because it is legal and non-ethical hackers are illegal hackers who are punishable by law. There are ethical hacking training institutes are available. So many professionals are switching their careers to ethical hacking because the scope of ethical hacking is very wide 

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An expert with strong technical knowledge and skills, who knows how to find and use vulnerabilities in target systems is known as an ethical hacker. The system owners permit to work  An ethical hacker’s goal is to evaluate the security posture of a target organization, and they must follow the regulations of the target owner and the target company.

The goal of ethical hacking is to assess the security of the target network, systems, or system infrastructure and find flaws. Finding weaknesses and attempting to exploit them 

What is the performance of an Ethical Hacker?

The ethical hacker has some limitations To hack legally, ethical hackers must follow a set of rules. 

  • Before performing any security audits on the system or network, the hackers should get full permission from the authority.
  • If you catch any vulnerabilities or security breaches in the system network the hacker must report it 
  •  Maintain the company’s privacy. Ethical hackers should agree to and follow their non-disclosure agreement because their goal is to secure the system or network.
  • If the system is found with vulnerabilities remove all the evidence of a hack. It prevents malicious hackers from accessing the system’s vulnerabilities.
  • Detect  the finest security solution
  • detecting and reporting security bugs and vulnerabilities
  • identifying remedies for inefficient security features
  • Try to conduct system penetration testing  

The Requirements for Becoming an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is a practice to protect our systems from attacks so the hacker must be skilled there are some skills required to become an ethical hacker 

  • The Hacker must be aware of the latest trends and updates
  • The hacker must know market tools 
  • Knowledge of Programming 
  • Scripting Knowledge 
  • Understanding of Database
  • Networking skills
  • Awareness and confidence in working on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc…
  • Knowledge about search engines and servers

Different Types Of Ethical Hacking?

  • Web Application Hacking 
  • System Hacking
  • Web Server Hacking
  • Hacking Wireless Network
  • Social Engineering

These five are the 5 types of ethical hacking practiced commonly.


Ethical Hacking is the Practice of using hacking skills and procedures to find and fix weaknesses in computer networks, applications, and systems. There are a lot of job opportunities available in India but the ethical Hackers course-delivering academies are very less. In Kerala there a large amount of Ethical hacking training institutes are available.

The top 5  ethical hacking training institutes are mentioned above. Offenso Hackers Academy is the top leading ethical hacking course training institute in Kerala. That provides Quality training. So that is the cause’s for they are at the top of the ethical hackers’ institution in Kerala