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In an increasingly digitalized world where cyber security threats are increasing, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals who can save and secure systems and networks has never been greater. The ethical hacking course fee mainly depends on the institution. Ethical hacking courses offer individuals the opportunity to get the knowledge and skills necessary to decrease cyber threats effectively. However, interested students often wonder about the cost of these courses and whether their investment is worthwhile. This essay explores various factors, including ethical hacking course fees and a brief explanation of why these courses are valuable.

Offense Hacker’s Academy Cochin provides comprehensive ethical hacking training to become a professional hacker. Understanding reverse engineering, developing codes, studying information infrastructure, and database management are all part of the ethical hacking course fee.

scope of ethical hacking

The field of ethical hacking is widespread and constantly evolving due to the ever-changing technological and cybersecurity landscape. Ethical hacking includes domains and applications, making it versatile and important in cybersecurity. Here are some of the basics of ethical hacking coverage. The field of ethical hacking is widespread and constantly evolving due to the ever-changing technological and cybersecurity landscape. Ethical hacking includes domains and applications, making it versatile and important in cybersecurity. Here are some basics of ethical hacking scope

Courses we providing:

The certified junior ethical hacker

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The course is intended for young students with an interest in ethical hacking between the ages of 13 and 18. A specialized course that provides a thorough overview of the field of ethical hacking is the Certified Junior Ethical Hacker Course. The course is designed with the aim of the basic ideas, resources, and cyber security methods. Students who complete the course will have full knowledge and skills that will help them on the way to rewarding careers in the area of cybersecurity


Module 1: introduction to cyber security

Module 2: information gathering techniques

Module 3: Scanning

Module 4: System exploitation

Module 5: Cost Exploitation

Module 6: web application vulnerabilities

Module 7: Wi-Fi pen testing

Module 8: miscellaneous 

Offenso Certified Security Analyst

Cyber security is critical for safeguarding computer systems, networks, and digital data against theft, damage, or illegal access. The Offenso Certified Security Analyst course provides in-depth instruction in the fundamental ideas and techniques of cyber security. This course educates individuals to address the most important cyber security concerns by covering the most recent trends and approaches, such as PCI DSS, Cyber Kill Chain, and vulnerability discovery.


Module 1: Cyber Security 101

Module 2: network fundamentals

Module 3: pre-engagement interaction

Module 4: reconnaissance & OSINT

Module 5: Vulnerability Identification 

Module 6: exploitation

Module 7: post-exploitation, Risk analysis and recommendation

Module 8: web application pen testing 

Module 9: wireless penetration testing

Module 10: Reporting

Offenso Certified Security Professional

across many industries, Offenso offers a thorough training program called Certified Security Professional. This rigorous course covers a variety of security subjects, including risk assessment, physical and cyber security, incident response, and more. It combines classroom lectures with practical application. Along with learning about the moral and legal implications of security, participants will also improve their communication and leadership abilities. Enroll in the Offenso Certified Security Professional course right away to begin or develop your career in security


Module 1: introduction to networking

Module 2: Microsoft

Module 3: offensive security

Module 4: networking pen testing

Module 5: web application pen testing 

Module 6: wireless pen testing

Module 7: active directory pen testing

Module 8: android pen testing 

Module 9: wireless penetration testing

Module 10: security operation center 

Advanced Diploma in Informational Security

Cyber security is always changing, new problems emerge, and technology advances. Those interested in a defensive security career should begin with this advanced diploma in information security course, which provides you with a detailed overview of the industry’s most relevant tactics and technology. This course will give you the knowledge and practical experience for your success, whether you are just looking to improve your current skills


Module 1: exploring cyber security

Module 2: discovering LINUX

Module 3: network unveiled

Module 4: Microsoft fundamentals 

Module 5: Security Offensive Tactics 

Module 6: pen testing

Module 7: web application pen testing

Module 8: wireless pen testing 

Module 9: Python Programming 101

Module 10: ISO 9001

Ethical hacking course fee

ethical hacking course fee structure

ethical hacking course fee

The Certified Junior Ethical Hacker 1 month 10k-13k
Offenso Certified Security Professional 5 months 45k-60k
Offenso Certified Security Analyst  2 months 20k-25k
Advanced Diploma in Information Security 12 months  80k-1lac


Ethical hacking is a powerful tool to ensure the security and flexibility of digital infrastructure. Individuals and organizations can use ethical hacking to detect vulnerabilities, resolve security concerns, and protect from cyber attacks. Through training efforts, community involvement, and an emphasis on making a skilled workforce, Kerala is quickly becoming a leading state in ethical hacking businesses, by creating a secure digital era and setting the way for a bright and intelligent future.

Kerala’s expanding digital platform offers excess options for ethical hackers. With the booming of startups, digital innovation, and e-governance projects, there is a higher need for cybersecurity specialists who can protect digital assets while also ensuring data privacy.

Offenso Ethical Hacker’s Academy provides you with a better future in ethical hacking and cyber security careers.

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