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Why you should choose our course ADIS?

With new dangers and technology continually developing, the world of cybersecurity is always changing. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in offensive security or defensive security should start with this Advanced Diploma in Information Security course since it offers a thorough overview of the most recent methods and equipment used in the industry. This course will provide you with the information and practical experience you need to succeed, whether you’re just starting out or trying to improve your current skills

Explore our Course Curriculum

  1. Information Security Vs Cybersecurity
  2. Cybersecurity Basic Terminologies
  3. CIA Triad
  4. Cyberkill Chain
  5. Phases Of Hacking
  6. Phases Of Penetration Testing
  7. Ethics & Legal Considerations In Cybersecurity
  8. Security Policies,Standards & Best Practices
  1. Windows Vs Linux
  2. History & Evolution Of Linux
  3. Linux Distributions
  4. Linux Installation & Configuration
  5. File System Hierarchy & Directory Structure
  6. File & Directory Permissions
  7. Linux Basic Commands
  8. File System Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  9. Linux Shell Scripting
  10. Virtualization & Containers
  1. Types Of Computer Networks
  2. Networking Devices
  3. Networking Topologies
  4. Transmission Medias Standards & OSI Reference Model
  5. Networking Protocols
  6. Routing & Switching
  7. Troubleshooting
  1. Configuring Windows Server
  2. Active Directory Domain Services
  3. ADDS Account Creation & Management
  4. GPO Management & DHCP
  5. Windows Server Security & Encryption
  6. RAID Levels
  7. Kerberos
  1. Understanding The Role Of Offensive Security In Information
  2. Security
  3. Common Attack Vectors & Methodologies
  4. Basic Tools & Techniques
  5. Reconnaissance & Footprinting
  6. Scanning & Enumeration
  7. Gaining Access
  8. Maintaining Access
  9. Clearing Tracks
  10. Social Engineering
  11. Phishing Attacks
  1. Reconnaissance & Enumeration Techniques
  2. Osint & Social Engineering
  3. Target Discovery
  4. Enumeration Techniques
  5. Vulnerability Identification
  6. Service & System Exploitation
  7. Protocol Attacks
  8. Evasion Techniques
  9. Wireshark
  10. Spoofing
  1. Introduction To Web Application
  2. Fundamentals Of HTTP
  3. Configuring Web Application
  4. Importance Of Web Application Security
  5. Web Application Security Frameworks
  6. Methodology
  7. Planning Phase
  8. Attack/Execution Phase
  9. Post-Execution Phase
  10. Web Application Vulnerabilities
  11. Burp Suite For Pentesters
  12. Vulnerability Scanning
  13. Password Attacks
  14. SQL Injection
  15. XSS
  16. JWT Attacks
  17. CSRF
  18. SSRF
  19. OS Command Injection
  20. Directory Traversal
  21. Authentication Vulnerabilities
  22. Business Logic Vulnerabilities
  23. File Upload Vulnerabilities
  24. Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
  25. Fuzzing & Directory Enumeration
  26. Multiple Ways To Banner Grabbing
  27. Web Shells & Reverse Shells
  1. Wireless Reconnaissance
  2. Identify Wireless Network
  3. Vulnerability Research
  4. Exploitation
  5. Remediation & Security Controls
  6. Making Wireless Hacking Device
  7. Detecting Hidden SSID
  8. Aircrack-ng
  9. Wifi Pumpkin 3
  1. Overview Of Active Directory
  2. Importance Of Active Directory Security
  3. Types Of Attacks Against Active Directory
  4. Reconnaissance & Information Gathering
  5. Attacking The Active Directory
  6. Kerberoasting
  7. Asreproasting Attacks Using Impacket
  8. Passthehash Attacks
  9. Maintaining Access
  1. Android Intro And Security Architectures
  2. Android Lab Setup
  3. Android Static Analysis
  4. Android Dynamic Analysis
  5. Decompiling Android Apks Using Jadx And Mobsf
  6. Exploiting Input Validation Flaws
  7. Testing For Insecure Data Storage
  8. Testing For Authentication & Authorization Flaws
  9. Testing Android Apks Using Drozer
  10. Frida Tools
  11. Objection
  1. What Is Security Operation Center
  2. Security Information & Event Management
  3. Architecture & Components
  4. Logging Process
  5. SIEM Sizing
  6. SIEM Solutions
  7. Managed SIEM
  8. Splunk
  9. Log Creating Using Use Cases
  10. Incident Response Team
  11. Cyber Threat Intelligence
  12. Indicators Of Compromise
  1. Introduction To Python
  2. Variables & Data Structures
  3. Control Flow & Loops
  4. Function & Modules
  5. File Handling
  6. Error Handling & Exception Handling
  7. Object Oriented Programming
  8. Introduction To Libraries And Modules
  9. Working With APIs
  10. Introduction To Databases
  1. Introduction To ISO 9001 & Cybersecurity
  2. Cybersecurity Frameworks & Standards
  3. Risk Management & Cybersecurity
  4. Information Security Management System(ISMS)
  5. Cybersecurity Controls & Measures
  6. Incident Response & Business Continuity Planning
  7. Employee Awareness & Training
  8. Supply Chain Management & Cybersecurity
  1. Introduction To Capture The Flag
  2. Web Exploitation
  3. Reverse Engineering
  4. Cryptography & Steganography
  5. Forensics & Digital Investigations
  6. OSINT
  7. CTF Tools & Resources

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to your questions about our Advanced Diploma in Information Security course, designed for aspiring learners to gain cyber security expertise and practical skills.

    The advanced Diploma in Information Security course is a combination of lecture-style lessons and hands-on labs and exercises.

    The course is ideal for anyone looking to start a career in Cybersecurity or for IT professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of Pentesting.

    For an Advanced diploma in Information Security course no prior knowledge of Cybersecurity is essential. The course is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, starting with the fundamentals and building up to more advanced topics.

    The course is designed to be completed in 2 Months. Participants have to spend a minimum of 10 Hours in a week on coursework, including lessons, labs, and exercises.

      Arm yourself with cybersecurity skills and knowledge.