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Why you should choose our course OCSE?

Join our comprehensive Security Operations Centre (SOC) training and discover how to safeguard yourself effectively against online threats. Discover how to continuously track, evaluate, and address security incidents. Learn cutting-edge methods and tools firsthand, preparing you to defend businesses against sophisticated cyberattacks. Our SOC analyst training is the best in the business at preparing you for a lucrative career in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.

Explore our Course Curriculum

  1. SOC and Needs of SOC
  2. SOC Workflow and Components
  3. SOC models and Generations
  4. SOC implementation
  5. Best practice for running SOC
  6. SOC vs NOC
  7. Incident, Event and Log
  8. Log sources and Log format
  9. Logging, monitoring and analysis process
  10. Alerting and Reporting
  11. Log management tools
  12. Logging, monitoring and analysis process
  13. Alerting and Reporting
  14. Log management tools
  1. Introduction to SIEM
  2. How do SIEM tools work?
  3. Need of SIEM
  4. Functions of SIEM
  1. Introduction to SIEM
  2. How do SIEM tools work?
  3. Need of SIEM
  4. Functions of SIEM
  5. Technology
  6. Process
  7. Data
  8. Data aggregation
  9. Security data analytics (reports and dashboards)
  10. Correlation and security event monitoring
  11. Forensic analysis
  12. Incident detection and response
  13. Real-time event response or alerting
  14. Threat intelligence
  15. User and entity behavior analytics
  16. IT compliance management
  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Management
  3. Log Retention
  4. Log Flow
  5. SIEM Integrations
  1. Calculating Velocity: Events Per Second-(EPS)
  2. Storage Needs
  3. Hardware Sizing
  1. SolarWinds
  2. IBM QRadar
  3. Wazuh
  1. UnderDefense EDITOR’S CHOICE
  2. Ideal Managed SIEM
  3. Infradata Managed SIEM
  4. Bulletproof Managed SIEM


  1. Why Splunk
  2. What is Splunk
  3. Uses of Splunk



  1. Single server environment and distributed server environment
  2. Splunk components
  3. Splunk architecture
  4. Splunk license management


  1. Splunk Enterprise Installation


  1. Indexer and Indexing
  2. How indexing works


  1. Indexes
  2. Event types
  3. Indexer and Indexer cluster


  1. Basic search and results
  2. Using Search assistant
  3. Matching Searches
  4. Retrieve events from the index
  5. Understanding Search result
  6. Change the display of the event viewer


  1. About visualization
  2. Visualization from Search
  3. Dashboard panel visualization


  1. Create and configure custom alert
  2. Splunk Report
  3. Report creation
  4. Report Configuration
  5. Modify report search option


  1. Detect and Investigate Malware
  2. Detect and Stop Data Exfiltration
  3. Privileged User Monitoring (PUM)
  4. Detect Zero-Day Attacks
  5. Use DNS Data to Identify Patient-Zero Malware
  1. Functions and Responsibility
  2. Choosing IRT
  3. SOC and IRT collaboration
  4. Evidence gathering and forensic analysis
  1. Life cycle
  2. Types of CTI
  3. Machine Learning for CTI
  4. CTI Use Cases
  1. Working of IOC
  2. Example of IOC
  3. Unusual Outbound Network Traffc
  4. Geographical Irregularities
  5. Anomalies with Privileged User Accounts
  6. Substantial Rise in Database Read Volume


  1. Phishing analysis
  2. Log analysis Sysmon
  3. Network analysis -malware compromise
  4. Log Analysis compromised wordpress
  5. Incident Response Team IRT
  6. Functions and Responsibility
  7. Choosing IRT
  8. SOC and IRT collaboration
  9. Evidence gathering and forensic analysis
  10. Brute force


  1. Splunk
  2. Investigation scenarios
  3. Monitoring
  4. Logmangment
  5. Case Management
  6. Endpoint Security


  1. Intro to defensive security
  2. Common attacks
  3. Junior Security Analyst Intro
  4. Intro to Endpoint Security
  5. Unattended
  6. New Hire old artifacts
  7. Sakura room
  8. Wazuh

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    Master the Art of Cybersecurity Operations with SOC Analyst Course

    The Security Operations Centre SOC Analyst Course is an extensive course of study created to give people the information and abilities needed to succeed in the field of cybersecurity operations. The Security Operations Centre Course curriculum is specifically chosen for its practical training through realistic exercises, cases from real life, and realistic scenarios. After successfully completing the course, graduates of the SOC Course will be well-equipped to seek careers as SOC analyst, cybersecurity operators, or incident response professionals in both the public and commercial sectors. This course provides students with the knowledge necessary to safeguard businesses and people from the pervasive digital hazards as cybersecurity threats continue to change.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to your questions about our OCSE course, designed for young learners to gain cybersecurity expertise and practical skills.

    A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a centralised group tasked with keeping track of, identifying, and responding to cybersecurity problems within an organisation. It acts as the hub of cybersecurity, actively guarding vital assets and fending off threats.

    This course is designed for aspiring cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals, network administrators, and anyone interested in pursuing a career in security operations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, this course will cater to your learning needs.

    While no specific prerequisites are mandatory, a basic understanding of networking concepts and cybersecurity fundamentals would be beneficial. Our course is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience.

    You can choose from a number of job opportunities in the cybersecurity industry after completing the SOC course. Security analyst, SOC analyst, incident response specialist, cybersecurity consultant, and threat intelligence analyst are a few potential job titles. There are many opportunities in both the public and commercial sectors due to the growing demand for qualified SOC specialists.

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